Day 3~quiet days

Today is Saturday. My shop is open and I will do the never ending organizing process because it is not my strong suit. I have so many many things that go through my mind that I would like to do. 

But the 2 biggest ones i will work on right away. #changes #turnaround #doit #itwillbesmiles

Day 2 march 2017 they are starting to “dress” the downtown in my small town for a movie they will be shooting here over he next week. Its a lot to take in for a small town. I am excited because it is not something that happens everyday.

Feeling like this may be a twinkle in time to sit back..relax…just a little..and open up the dreaming part of my.mind. no need to freak out in this moment…just smile and go with the flow of life. 

In case you didnt know(which I am sure you don’t) I have been on a spiritual journey as of find myself again. I could chalk it up to kids getting older and moving on. But really..I have been in this place a thousand times. Just have not been past it. So today will be a journey of the mind to explore newness and oneness. I get to find myself again..from a place in my soul that does not care about what others think of me..Happy Thursday.

Start where you are at. is my first post here. I thought I loved to talk, to give my opinion or simply share my thoughts. However, when you actually get down to sitting and starting, a thousand things come flooding into my.mind and I am sunk before I.float. 

So I will start there. I am 42, almost 43 years old. I have seen tons of beauty and tons of pain. Felt each one and its burnt me a thousand times. All bringing me to this place I.sit right now. My shop. I run a small shop that has a miriad of purposes. Drycleaning pick up and drop off. Sears depot also for pick up. I myself have a handmade consignment shop and floral design (fresh and other)

As of late though, I find that Things need to change, as I myself am changing. Call it a spiritual awakening of sorts. Getting to the root of who I am and what I represent here. You will see contradictions and down to earth changes. Love me or dont. I will do what I will and start where I am.

Today is a planning and learning day. Happy Wednesday!